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Northern Nevada Junior Golf Association Sign Up Information

Parents and Players:

I’m going to walk you through the process of signing up a player for NNJGA.

1. This is most important.  Your player MUST have a NNGA GHIN number.

2. You can get a GHIN number one of two ways: ( if you don’t have one already) If you do you can sign on with that same number and password and join the 2017 club level.

a. Go to your local club and ask for a number under the Jr program.  This is free to all JR’s no matter what club you sign up with.  You will need a birth date for them to assign you a number. Either right then or in a day you will receive your number, if you don’t please call the office 775-673-4653.

b. Go to the Reno Carson Golf Club .  Click on                                 Fill in the application.  When you are given a choice of membership, choose the “2017 Jr membership”.  There will be no charge.  You will receive an email when you have been approved.  It will contain your new NNGA/GHIN number.

IF YOU HAVE A GHIN NUMBER use that number , call the office to get your number if you don’t remember it.

3. Now take that GHIN number and go to this site.  TPP Online signup  Or to get used to it, go to www.nnjga.org and click on the “Tournament Sign Up” button.  Once you are there, click on “login” button on the blue left hand column.  This will take you to a log in screen.  Click on

   Click here to register.   

There you will fill out the info boxes with yellow.  Those are required fields.  Once you fill in the boxes.  Click on register at bottom of page.  

4. Almost there, really this is a one time process and after this it will be cake.

5. Click on “Sign up for membership one time only”  Tpp left option in blue column.

6. You should now be at a screen the shows the two levels 1-2 and 3.  Select one and the box will turn yellow and then click on the “Register” button

7. Pay for the membership by CC and you are good to go.

8. You can now sign up for events.

9. The policy for tournaments: Sign up for all the events you want to.  We will not charge your card until 4 days out from the event.  This might require us to call you due to different credit card rules about delayed charges.  

10. You will have the ability to withdraw from events online up to 4 days out.  After that

Thank you for your patience getting through this process

Pam Whalen