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Designed and Hosted by Northern Nevada Jr Golf

Each NNJGA member will be required to have a representative (parent, grandparent, guardian, etc.) work two (2) events per seasons, per junior in the program for continued eligibility. The parent worker does not need to know the golf rules or even how to play, only to count, hopefully to 4 or 5 but there have been a score or two posted in double digits before. The experience is supposed to be fun as well as a much needed service to make sure NNJGA events continue to run smooth and efficiently.

The Parent can sign up for the Parent help event usually right under the original event.  Use the Juniors name for sign up you will not need to change to your name.

What do I do?

Parent Helpers will monitor the groups scoring for the round. Once the group begins, every time a player makes a “stroke”, whether they hit or miss the ball you mark off a number from the score sheet provided. The last number crossed through should be that players score for the hole. On the next tee ground (do not check scores on the green and hold up play) you should verbally check the scores of each player. If a player does not agree with your score try to go over the shots taken to resolve the problem. If you still don’t agree, no problem, just mark the hole with an asterisk and bring it to Committee after the round.

What happens if there  is a rules question?

Parent Helpers are NOT out there as Rules Officials and are NOT allowed to make rulings. If there is a question on a rule have the player play a second ball, Rule 3-3, and the Committee will resolve the problem when you finish. If a player incurs a penalty and does not know the stroke amount incurred just mark the hole with an asterisk and bring it to Committee after the round or ask a NNJGA Rules Official.

Can I rent a golf cart?

Parent Helpers may walk with the group or rent a golf cart. Carts will not be provided by the NNJGA or the course and the cost is solely up to you.

What do I do once I arrive  at the golf course?

First thing when you arrive at the tournament site, sign in at the Registration Table to reserve the group you would like to score for. This is a first come first serve basis. You will not be allowed to reserve a group prior to that morning and requests will not be accepted. You can score for any group EXCEPT one that has a family member or NNJGA player you are representing in it. When your group is ready to begin pick up your clipboard at the Registration Table containing a score sheet and head to the tee. A NNJGA staff member will be able to help you at registration on the duties involved.

Parent Workers